Morgan Stanley has identified 17 stocks that will pay off hugely over the next 3 years even if the bull market ends


Market Cap: $12.32 billion

Revenue 5-year CAGR (2016-2021 estimates): 11%

EPS 5-year CAGR: 16%

Price Target: $130

Comment: “Ramping public cloud adoption + improving margins = framework for a $1 trillion market cap … and beyond,” said Keith Weiss. “A public cloud solution portfolio spanning core infrastructure services (e.g. compute, storage), to compelling platform-as-a-service capabilities (e.g. data, identity, analytics, machine learning), and up the stack to the application layer (e.g. productivity apps, front office apps, core financials) differentiates the Microsoft public cloud offering from peers.

However, it is the combination of these Public Cloud assets with pre-existing enterprise assets, including a large existing customer base,expansive direct and indirect distribution channel, over 6 million .

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