Delta threw passengers a ‘pizza party’ and offered $6,000 gift cards after a string of delays and cancelations

Delta threw a “pizza party” for passengers and offered them $6,000 gift cards after their flight suffered multiple delays and had to turn back, according to a TikTok post. 

Elizabeth Ochoa had been planning to travel from Boston to Rome on Wednesday. After a 12-hour delay, she said in a TikTok post that the flight eventually took off, before being forced to return to Logan airport an hour later due to a gas leak.

Ochoa told Fortune that when they landed, Delta staff offered a $6,000 Mastercard gift card to any passenger willing to move their trip to Friday or Saturday. 

She declined the gift card offer and opted for a Thursday flight, but then faced another delay of about 90 minutes.

Ochoa then posted a TikTok of stacks of pizzas from Nick’s Place Online which she said Delta had ordered in response to the second delay. 

“I travel internationally very frequently,” Ochoa told Fortune.

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