5 Reasons Why SEO Is a Great Investment for Your Business

SEO is not only necessary for your business, it’s one of the greatest investments that you can make.

You can think of SEO like investing money in a 401K for your business — it’s money that will gain value over time and remain in your account. Similarly, by investing in SEO you create long-term value for your website that will continue to accrue over time.

Here are 5 reasons you should start investing in SEO now.

1. SEO works.

This is a fairly straightforward reason, but it’s completely true. As of today, Google processes 4.1 billion searches per day. With that kind of search volume, there’s no debating that ranking in Google’s search results offers a valuable opportunity to get more traffic to your business’s website.

This is very important because traffic equals leads and leads turn into sales.

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