5 Best Mozilla Firefox Privacy-focused Add-ons

If you’re a privacy enthusiast, you might be using one of the best open-source web browsers: Mozilla Firefox. Even if you don’t care about online privacy, it’s best to opt for Mozilla Firefox, thanks to its set of pro-privacy features.

That’s not all; you can do a lot more to protect your online privacy. Among the options, an easy and quick one is to install privacy-focused add-ons in Mozilla Firefox. Since Firefox is one of the oldest browsers on the planet, it offers a plethora of add-ons — for every purpose!

That said, let’s check out the best privacy-centric add-ons you can install in Mozilla Firefox. Let’s dive in.


Ghostery is one of the best privacy-focused extensions with an intuitive user interface. What’s most interesting is, it uses an artificial intelligence engine to smartly block trackers and advertisements to help avoid issues on websites.

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